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Maria Raquel Dos Santos

Maria Raquel Dos Santos is a passionate woman who is on fire for Jesus and eager to tell the world about how He turned her life completely upside down. She was born in Maceió, Brazil where she lived with her mother and uncle until she found herself residing in an orphanage.

She met her adoptive parents when she was 13 years old when she moved to the United States and received a new name – Raquel Williams.

Raquel is a living, breathing example of how God can change a person’s life when that person surrenders to Him and His perfect will. She hopes to reach others who have lived through traumatic events and demonstrate God’s love and grace to them.

Today, Raquel lives in Elmira, New York with her three children and she is running after her Lord and Savior with all her heart.

"We all need healing, you know? Everyone is walking around with past trauma that we have not been able to put down and it is time to finally release it. Pain is too heavy of a burden to carry, so CHOOSE HEALING and FORGIVENESS."

Maria Raquel Dos Santos
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